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PostSubject: Potential Member.   Potential Member. EmptySat Aug 16, 2008 5:08 pm

In-Game Nickname: Kannoway
Class: Shaman
Race: Tauren
Spec: Enhance
Trade skills: Mining/Enchanting
Armory profile:

Q: PvE Experience?
A: Ran Weekly Kara, and was starting in ZA, Done Gruuls, Mags. I have a raiding set.

Q: PvP Experience?
A: Did Dailys at least depending on schedules, Arenas weekly. Season 3 set was working on S4 in need of teams

Q: Why did you choose this class?
A: This was my pre BC character and it was just the choice at the time. Once BC came out I came back to my shaman, lvled him, and started raiding and PVPing.

Q: Why the guild should invite you? What do you have to offer?
A: I can have fun yet be serious when needed, raiding experience for future progression if it comes.

Q: Do you consider yourself a hardcore player? How much time do you spend playing World of Warcraft per week?
A: Not as hardcore as I once was, I log on every night at least to get PVP daily done, but off days im on for far more time.

Q: Guild history?
A: Wow, well there is Bad Karma, Bloodlust Revenge, Right Hand of Death. On my rogue Tarren Mill Deathguard

Q: Do you have a sponsor? Who?
A: Kamaro, Ufig, Vagasy

Q: Do you have ventrilo?
A: Yes

Real name: Brandon
Age: 22

Where are you from? Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin

Q: What do you do for living?
A: Schooling for another year yet, but i work at a private resort for rich lazy people.

Q: What else do you enjoy besides World of Warcraft?
A: Movies, snowboard, paintballing, wakeboarding when i can, hanging out, women. Simple enough i guess

Q: What else can you tell us about yourself?
A: I may not talk in vent but i beleive i have a mic, I still listen to what is said and i will respond. I will joke around and I can take a joke.
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