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 Warlock App lvl 63

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Warlock App lvl 63 Empty
PostSubject: Warlock App lvl 63   Warlock App lvl 63 EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 6:54 pm

In-Game Nickname: Arisx
Class: Warlock
Race: Undead
Spec: Affliction/Demonology
Trade skills: Herbalism & Alchemy & Cooking & First Aid ( All 325+)
Armory profile:

Q: PvE Experience?
A: Cleared ZG, AQ20, MC, BWL, AQ40, I Stopped raiding when TBC came out, but i'm up for raiding :] I catch on quick.

Q: PvP Experience?
A: My passion. i love pvp! Do battlegrounds everyday. Arena is amazing. 2v2 my favorite. WSG my favorite. Excited to arena on my lock at 70.

Q: Why did you choose this class?
A: I have a 70 mage & 70 Hunter and wanted to try a warlock. Its my favorite out of the 3

Q: Why the guild should invite you? What do you have to offer?
A: I'm really fun to play with. Very expressive with smilies Razz I'm pretty go with the flow. I'll PvP, i'll raid, I'll do whatever really.

Q: Do you consider yourself a hardcore player? How much time do you spend playing World of Warcraft per week?
A: Yes i do. It varies based on my weekly plans but i play a lot. at least 35 hours a week, probably more. I usually play nights and stay up late.

Q: Guild history?
A: \I was on Dunemaul, and transfered here recently. No guild experience on this server yet. Ive been browsing my options, and Overrated looks very promising :]

Q: Do you have a sponsor? Who?
A: Nope

Q: Do you have ventrilo?
A: Of courseee.

Real name: Bobby Andrews
Age: 19

Where are you from? Country?
Orange County, California, USA

Q: What do you do for living?
A: I work for Allstate Insurance

Q: What else do you enjoy besides World of Warcraft?
A: Music, BEACH! concerts, pool, dirtbiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, tinkering with my car ( toyota 4runner)

Q: What else can you tell us about yourself?
A: I like to meet new people playing WoW. its very fun to have a bunch of people to play with that you really like. mmm starting in January i'm going to be going to IVC college 3 days a week :] I like just chillin with friends. My real life friend plays on this server ( Almond ) so we'll be playing together as well. He's a 70 rogue. Hope to see you guys soon!
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Warlock App lvl 63
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