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PostSubject: About us   About us EmptyThu Aug 02, 2007 2:36 am

Overrated is a Horde guild on Rivendare (US) formed by a collection of individuals who couldn't find exactly what they were looking for in the existing guilds. Rather than continuing to search for the 'best fit,' we have created our own. At the core, Overrated is a guild built upon close-knit friendship and shared needs so that the burden of leveling, questing, and gaining equipment does not fall upon one individual alone.

We offer nothing but help if it is within our power, but such aid comes with a price. We ask for a strict no greed policy and a measure of teachability in our fellow guildmates. (We also expect our guildmembers to help others within and even outside of the guild.) The name of the game is working together and playing your class to its fullest. But most importantly, we are just like everyone else. We are here to have fun.

Overrated strives to be a guild where the listing is like a second friend's list; where we work together to a uniform goal. As a guild we focus on the PvP aspect of the game and indulge in PvE.

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About us
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